5 Ways To Kill More Weeds For Less Money


Ordinary, everyday white vinegar kills most plants. This includes weeds and “desirables,” so make sure to protect the plants you want to keep. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle and apply liberally to your targets. For more accuracy try this old but reliable trick —slice the bottom off a large plastic soda bottle and place it over the weed then spray the vinegar directly into the the mouth of the bottle.

2. Boiling water

Pour boiling water right onto your troublesome weeds and they’ll melt away — a nice trick to remember for decks and patios, which may be more sensitive to other substances. By the time the water spreads to the edges and to your grass and plants you want to keep, it should have time to cool down enough to be harmless.

boiling kettle.jpg  

3. Corn gluten meal

Best spread before weeds germinate, corn gluten meal can help prevent crabgrass, grassburs and other annual weeds. Gardeners often spread it liberally around the base of root crops and bulb plants such as onions — as the corn gluten meal not only prevents weeds, but acts as a feed fertilizer for the young plants.

corn meal.jpg

4. Vodka

Best for weeds that thrive in the sunlight, an ounce of vodka poured into 16 ounces of water will dry out plants and make them shrivel and die.

5. Newspaper

For areas where you want nothing growing, newspaper — laid down in layers 10 sheets thick, dampened and covered generously with mulch — will smother anything that’s currently growing as well as prevent anything new from sprouting up.

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Bonus tip

A few drops of liquid dish soap added to your spray bottle of vinegar or vodka will break down the oils and waxes on plant surfaces —helping the solution stick to the plants and making them more vulnerable.

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