5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Rock

5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Rock

1. Sliding shelves and drawers

More and more common in today’s kitchens, pull out drawers instead of cabinets beneath counter-tops are easier to access and allow more efficient use of available space.

2. Island workspace

Islands have been popular for years in kitchen design, but more thought is going into their design than ever. Don’t be limited to a countertop perched on a block of cabinets — think about how the island can add not only workspace but visual interest and clever storage. Open space beneath an island can keep your kitchen feeling spacious, shelves can provide accessible space for cookbooks, and open cubes can be outfitted with hooks to hang bulky utensils that otherwise end up hidden and forgotten in the back of a cabinet.


3. Dress up the hardware

Small things can make a big difference — new handles on your cabinets can transform the look of your kitchen in a few dollars and an hour or two. For even bigger impact, consider painting or replacing your cabinet doors.

4. Clear up the doors

Consider replacing some cabinet doors with glass panes or mullioned doors — glass fronted cabinets for dishes, glasses and serving ware are an easy and pretty way to break up a “wall of cabinetry” and add sparkle and light to any kitchen. For added oomph, install lights inside the cabinets.

5. Dress up the details

If you want to update your kitchen without a total remodel, consider replacing or changing just one element— new granite countertops for instance, or adding glass or patterned tile to your backsplash.

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