Do You Need One of These For Your Home?

4  Eye-catching Products From This Year’s Housewares Show

1. Clean Cubes won this year’s Innovation Award

Clean Cubes are a combination paper and plastic trash bag — providing a disposable (and recyclable) trash bag that you can stand up anywhere.

clean cubes.jpg

2. Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop cleans little and big messes

Hoover Steam Mop has one tank for water and another tank for Hoover’s biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solution — you can use just water for light cleaning and surface dusting, or choose to add the solution for tougher dirt and messes.

hoover twin tank steam mop.jpg

3. Bambooee Reusable Paper Towels save money and trees

Yes — reusable paper towels. Another winner of the Innovation Award, these bamboo towels from Bambooee come in rolls of 20 perforated sheets, Instead of throwing it in the trash can when you’ve used one, you throw it in the washing machine. According to Bambooee, one roll of these sheets can replace about 60 rolls of traditional paper towels. That’s a lot of trees.

4. RoboHandle gives you more reach

Whether you’re sweeping, dusting or raking — the RoboHandle makes it easier to get to hard-to-reach places like ceilings and underneath your bed. In fact, it won the Gold Medal last year at INPEX convention for Cleaning Product & Equipment.