Light Your Home Like a Pro

3 lighting tricks that will make your home look like a million dollars

home interior lr kitch nicely lit.jpg

1. Light from floor to ceiling

The number one trick up designers sleeves is lighting a room on multiple levels. Recessed lighting, pendant lighting, lamps on tables, wall light flowing up from the floor or down from the ceiling — the more levels of light you place in a room, the more luxurious it will feel. Layers and levels of lighting make a room look bigger, more interesting and richer.

  • Try running a long light underneath a pretty buffet or dresser on legs — place it near the back to create a glow under the piece and the surrounding wall.
  • For pretty draperies, place a cool temperature uplight just in front and light up the folds and pattern.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have beefy crown molding or soffits on your ceiling, try tube lighting tucked against the back.
  • Sconces can wash a wall with light to create a soft atmosphere

For more ideas about multi-level lighting check out Lighting and Uplighting on

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2. Light to feature and display

Light is one of the best ways to show off your home’s features — not to mention your own prize possessions.

  • Aim a ceiling mounted pin light at favorite photos or paintings
  • Pin lights can also be used to showcase sculpture and works of art on shelving and table tops
  • Uplighting plants is an easy way to add drama and interesting light to any room
  • Highlight architectural features in your home — illuminate a niche by washing light up from the floor or guide visitors to a window seat with subtle strip lighting running under the edge of the seat
  • In the kitchen, under-cabinet lighting is not only functional, it can add to the visual appeal of the room

For more ideas on lighting your home, check out Home Depot’s tips to Design with Light.

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3. Lighting as art

In and of itself, lighting can be beautiful and interesting.

  • Crystal chandeliers and modern pendant lamps capture and refract light a thousand times over
  • Lamps can be works of art in and of themselves — look for pretty and distinctive lighting fixtures and lamps that make their own statement.

Kartell Cindy Table Lamp (available from


light standing arc light.jpg

Arco Floor Lamp from DWR or try the similar Meryl floor lamp from Crate and Barrel