Pinterest for Homeowners

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, innovation, or procrastination — you’ll find it on Pinterest.

1. home & furniture

Nearly three million users follow this board full of design ideas and products for the home.

pinterest board home furniture.jpg

2. Storage Solutions

“So many things, so little space. Imagine the perfect storage solutions for every room in the house and even outside in the garden.”

pinterest board storage solutions.jpg

3. Small things that work very well

“This is about utility and function, the small workhorses that smooth out the bumps of daily life.”

pinterest board small things.jpg

4. closet love

From fantasy two-story closets to simple ways to dress up an ordinary closet, this board has a closet-ful of ideas to offer.

pinterest board closet love.jpg  pinterest closet love 2 story.jpg

5. Creative Storage

From the bathroom to the kitchen, books to art supplies, baskets to armoires, this board has storage on the brain.

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6. home goods

One of the most popular home décor boards, Jonathan Lo pins photos of Tom Ford’s London house, gorgeous furniture, color trends, and nifty products.

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7. Outdoor Yard Inspirations

Ideas for outdoor spaces and style from Japanese serenity to English cottage romance and more.

8. Garages

Storage ideas, nifty gadgets and handy projects to make the most of your garage space.

pinterest board garages.jpg

9. Home Remodeling

Tips, resources, videos and design advice to “make the most difference” in your home.

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10. cleaning tips + tricks

Gathering cleaning tips — like a no-scrub cleaning method for your microwave — cleaning tips sites and resources and must-have cleaning products, this board helps you keep your home spic and span.

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